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 Hello, Everyone.
After years and years of using livejournal as our blog, we've decided to move to wordpress. Wordpress seems to have a much more convenient system of going from having fun and taking pictures to actually posting them online in a hilarious manner.

What does that mean for me? Nothing, really. It might take a while for me to get used to everything, but the goal is to be able to post in an easier, more regularly-scheduled manner.

What does that mean for you? Not a whole lot. Instead of coming to to this site, you just have to visit:


Simple, right?
The new blog even automatically transferred all of the old posts over, so you have years of years of entries to reminisce over.
Plus, you can count on more frequent posting and non-stop action. (This may be a lie. My first post on the new site is about cheesemaking, which isn't really too action-packed.)

Anyway. Check it out. I promise you'll like it.

Yes, I know it's March.
Yes, I know I am still writing about Xmas.
But with a vacation this thrilling, the memories last a life time.
For example, when you are stranded in Fargo due to a blizzard that somehow has engulfed the while country, you experience things that you'll never be able to forget:

Like, board games. 
Days and days filled with board games.

The whole family got in on the fun!

Of course, we all know that there is only one thing that turns learning backgammon into an enjoyable event:


Although it may not have been the most convenient situation to end up in Fargo for a few extra days, Josh's parents were very wonderful hosts.
And I secretly thing that they may have been happy to have us hang out for a little longer than we had originally planned.

Luckily, to keep us from getting too homesick, there was the lovely Violet to entertain us.

She was much better behaved than Emmet or Astrid.
But, all good things must come to an end.

The roads were eventually plowed, and we made it from Fargo to Minneapolis to Salt Lake City and, finally, to Eugene.  Back to the real world of work, school, and terrible cats.

Let the Games Begin!
One interesting Berg family trait is our inability to sit in a room together without playing a game.
It doesn't really matter what game it is.
Project Runway for the Wii?

Wii disk golf?

Sounds awful, but okay. Why not?
There was even a meeting of the minds over a Mario chess board.

Of course, the family has a knack for large, multi-player games.  This year we tried something new for our gift exchange.  Each person contributed a wrapped gift card that was then randomly picked by another family member.

Like with everything, my mother might have gone a little overboard with her decorating.

Not everyone was impressed by her hard work.

Anyway.  The gifts were then passed to the right or left, depending on the directions given by Ross. It was quite entertaining, but since everyone was rewarded equally, it didn't have the same feel as our normal push-everyone-out-of-the-way-and-grab-what-you-can games, which brings us to this:

You know it's time to get serious when a second giant table appears.
Who's ready to play?

The next game was the dice game.
Cash's job was to inspect each present to make sure they were up to our standards.

Only quality gifts here.

Jokes were even provided, for our entertainment.

After everyone had their fill of junk, it was time to mentally prepare for the big games. 

Some are better at preparing than others.

We had two rounds of quarters. Blake won the first.

And the second.

Then it was time for the headline event.

By the end of the game, everyone is nearing heart-attack levels of anxiety.  But remember, there's a lot at stake.

I had big plans for this money: a trip around the world, first-class airfare back to Eugene, a new car.
The pressure was on.

Luckily for me, I have nerves of steel.
And, amazing luck.

I just want to remind everyone that I have taken my family's money three out of the last four years.

And I don't feel bad about it.

Sorry, Bergs.

But I look forward to winning all of your cash again next year.


A Very Karlstad Christmas

This holiday season, like every other winter, Josh and I made the journey to the frozen tundra of our homeland to visit our families.

We are a pretty good looking bunch.  We also can't be bothered to move the food out of the way of the one picture a year we all take together. 
But that maybe says something about the value the Bergs place on food.

Especially dessert.
Unfortunately, not all of us can keep our food under control.

Which brings me to my next point: The Berg family also values our wine
. . .Some of us more than others.

But just because we like drinking wine, that doesn't mean that anyone has a corkscrew.

Next best option?

A hammer and a golf tee, of course.

Luckily, Matt was there to step in and help.

He doesn't seem to be too impressed with the ladies' methods.

But by the look of things, the wine got opened, one way or another.


Only the dogs were left out of the festivities.


When the wine comes out, it's time to make fun of Lindsay.  Case in point:

This is Lindsay's baby blanket, except that she still uses it today, as a grown up.  Apparently, everyone needed to see it.
Later, it was time to throw Katie in the trash.  I am still a little unclear as to how this happened.

Later, it was time to eat. Again.

Good news! Susan came to visit.  Or maybe, Susan came to check out the snacks.

The three best looking ladies also caught up on the local news, via Christmas letters.

They were very interesting, as you can see.

This year, even the babies were old enough to have fun.


And while the adults (obviously) had their own fun, the real reason everyone gets together over the holidays is for the games.

Stay tuned.

Vegetables! Vegetables! Vegetables!
For the majority of this summer and fall, our lives have revolved around vegetables.

Yep, we even get watermelon.
Fancy watermelon.  Check it out:

One week we even got eggplant.

Even Emmet approves of our veggies.

We even got to spend a day on the farm, seeing where our vegetables come from and meeting our farmers.

There were quite a few people, and the farmers were very patient with everyone plodding through their fields and just generally making a mess of things.


I had a hard time dragging myself away from the greenhouse full of basil.

Until I found the farm animals, that is.



Also, Chickens!

We also got to enjoy freshly-pressed apple juice.

We even got to pick out a couple of pumpkins.


Believe it or not, not every activity we've done this fall has revolved around vegetables.
For instance, I was in a parade.

I also put together this exceptional scarecrow for a fundraiser.


For some strange reason, our scarecrow did not win the competition, despite it's obvious superiority to every other scarecrow that has ever been made.

Not to brag, or anything.
Other than that, we have mostly just hung out with our lovely, not-at-all-annoying, cats.

Maybe this winter will lead to more exciting, less vegetable-based activities.



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