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A Very Karlstad Christmas

This holiday season, like every other winter, Josh and I made the journey to the frozen tundra of our homeland to visit our families.

We are a pretty good looking bunch.  We also can't be bothered to move the food out of the way of the one picture a year we all take together. 
But that maybe says something about the value the Bergs place on food.

Especially dessert.
Unfortunately, not all of us can keep our food under control.

Which brings me to my next point: The Berg family also values our wine
. . .Some of us more than others.

But just because we like drinking wine, that doesn't mean that anyone has a corkscrew.

Next best option?

A hammer and a golf tee, of course.

Luckily, Matt was there to step in and help.

He doesn't seem to be too impressed with the ladies' methods.

But by the look of things, the wine got opened, one way or another.


Only the dogs were left out of the festivities.


When the wine comes out, it's time to make fun of Lindsay.  Case in point:

This is Lindsay's baby blanket, except that she still uses it today, as a grown up.  Apparently, everyone needed to see it.
Later, it was time to throw Katie in the trash.  I am still a little unclear as to how this happened.

Later, it was time to eat. Again.

Good news! Susan came to visit.  Or maybe, Susan came to check out the snacks.

The three best looking ladies also caught up on the local news, via Christmas letters.

They were very interesting, as you can see.

This year, even the babies were old enough to have fun.


And while the adults (obviously) had their own fun, the real reason everyone gets together over the holidays is for the games.

Stay tuned.

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ha. i like this one. you're funny.

I would like to point out, I only had 1 glass of wine!

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